How to build a successful PowerBi report for social research

This will not be a typical PowerBi tutorial. If you need to get into PowerBi search medium or google, there is much content. This will be specific about the use of PowerBi for social research and building a socio-economic impact report.

PowerBi is a business analytics service developed by Microsoft. It provides interactive visualizations with self-service Bussiness Intelligence (BI) capabilities. End users can create reports and dashboards without any coding skills, and they do not have to depend on information technology staff or database administrators. PowerBi also gives you cloud-based BI services, known as “PowerBi Services,” along with a desktop-based…

Logistic Growth is a mathematical function that can be used in many scenarios, including forecasting growth of COVID-19 cases. Logistic Growth is characterized by increasing Growth in the beginning period, but a decreasing growth at a later stage, as you get closer to a maximum. For example, in the COVID-19 situation, this maximum limit would be the total number of people in the world or country, because when everybody is sick, Growth will diminish.

Epidemiolocal studies confirm that in the first period of an epidemic follows Exponential Growth and that the total period can be modeled with a Logistic Growth…


Working in UNICEF Nigeria as Polio Data Scientist I came to the problem of errors in vaccination cards that were delivered by 20,000 Polio Volunteers and even bigger issue number of the vaccination cards to check. Simple digitizing and giving everyone a tablet was not an option. After research, I decided to use AI/ML and computer vision to “read” information from the cards and then provide feedback mechanism about the most common errors and predict correct information.

In this tutorial, You will see how to achieve this and what are the results and recommendations for future optimizing. …

AI Supported ECM Content Migration

For the longest time, organizations and companies have relied on storing data through conventional means. It is a slow and painful manual process that consists of compiling huge amounts of information into a manageable system by scanning various documents, saving digital files, renaming them according to company needs or transferring said data to different physical or digital locations. The process in itself is a headache.

Mostly, this information is housed within what is called a “legacy system”, meaning it could something as simple as a filing system or an obsolete, older document management system or…

Together, UNICEF, community leaders, local governments, and the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) are using data to shape Nigeria’s vaccination program. Data allows decision makers to better understand the status of immunization efforts, track the number of children in the immunization program, and identify problems that need to be addressed.

The GPEI in Nigeria uses an open source platform, the Open Data Kit (ODK), to collect data in the field and track it in real time. ODK is a mobile toolkit for Android phones that can be used to collect and distribute information. …

I’m heading this week to North Nigeria where the fight with polio is still not finish. Northern states and especially Borno States and Lake Chad region is our main concern. The programme implemented in North Nigeria provides a model for vaccination programs, and its success is driven largely by two factors: volunteers and data.

Progress of polio eradication

While polio has been wiped out in many parts of the world, we are still fighting polio in three countries Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Global effort to eradicate polio is coordinated by Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI).

I learned many lessons while following the vaccination campaign in Sokoto State. This was an amazing learning experience and I’m humbled by the great job done by our local partners and the international community that support this initiate.

Walking house to house and vaccinating children is very hard. We have a system of institutions that provide logistics and support, but all the real work I saw on the ground was done by local women that compose local Vaccinations Teams, since only they can enter people’s houses.

Children in Sokoto proudly show their fingers marked after receiving Polio vaccine, Sokoto, Nigeria

As Polio Data Manager, my role is to identify challenges starting from the local…

Today was Nigerian Children’s Day, a special celebration dedicated to the nation’s kids.

I spent the day following an outbreak response (OBR) vaccination team. It’s been a remarkable experience to see this team of devoted local health workers going home to home in the 40-degree Celsius sun to make sure every child receives the OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine).

Vaccination team in Sokoto State, Nigeria mar the house that was visited during OBR Campaign.

We started at a vaccination distribution point in Sokoto North where each team received their share of vaccines and moved out from there. There were many challenges along the way to make sure that all children under the age of five were…

A Twitterbot is a code that integrates with the Twitter API platform. You can automatically post, retweeting, like, or following other users. Just remember no Spamming, Twitter set daily limits also on API calls for free users so don’t be too aggressive with your script. This tutorial will walk you through how to create twitter bot that will find a specific hashtag, retweet the tweets.


Although you can use a local computer to set up and run your BOT, if you would like it to be continuously running you can upload to the web server and run day and…

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